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[New Plugin] Square POS (Point of Sale) - By Interwebb

Hi All,

We’ve recently released a new plugin, Square POS (Point of Sale)!

You can now use our plugin to take in-person payments within your Bubble app on mobile devices using the Square Point of Sale app.

How It Works

This plugin uses the Square Point of Sale API to automatically open the Square POS app directly from your Bubble app to allow you to take payment of a specified amount.

Once payment has been taken, or if an error occurs, your device is automatically redirected back to your chosen Bubble app page, along with transaction/error data within URL parameters. For example, your apps payment confirmation page including a transaction ID.

You can utilise this plugin when your Bubble app is running in a web browser on a mobile device on Android or iOS operating systems. For example, on an iPad being used as a till.

Additional Information

Demo - Try the plugin out yourself!

Please note: For obvious reasons, you cannot take real payments with the demo, so it may show an error.

Plugin Page - Install on your app.

Documentation - Detailed set up instructions.

Support & Feedback

Please comment below or private message us if you have any questions, feedback or feature requests.



Hi All,

We’ve updated our demo and documentation to better showcase how this plugin works.