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Square Orders Integration

Hi all - I am relatively new to Bubble and have a few questions. I am trying to build an MVP that will in the future integrate with businesses using Square as their POS. I require customer level order information i.e. Customer ID / Product / Price if the customer and business allow - do you have any leads on how i can set that up?

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Hi @sal.mundhra,

Feel free to private message me and describe your requirements, I’ll happily see if our plugins can help you with your Square integration, and if not, I’ll check with the team to see what we have in the pipeline.



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Hi! Thanks for responding Phill (it did not let me personal message you). I am hoping to integrate with businesses on Square and get Order level data from consenting customers. It’s essentially intended to be a rewards program that will reward different points at a product level and I’m wondering if there are any APIs that can support that.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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