[New Plugin Update] Creative Editor v1.1.0

Hello, Bubblers

I just released a new update to [Creative Editor Plugin], a fully customizable Bubble plugin, enabling you to build a graphic editor within your bubble app with the easiest way

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Plugin Update Features

  • [add text] action now come with Top, Left, and ID attributes
  • New action to update selected object width, height, top, left, and rotation angle
  • New canvas state [object angle] to get the selected object’s current rotation angle
  • New [Remove] action to remove the selected object from canvas with workflow
  • some bug fixes and performance improvements

Also, I keep working on very detailed documentation to help you set up your app easily

Check the live demo here

let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for the next releases of the plugin
Thank you


ideas :grin: download as PDF, create design that is multiple pages :blush: thx


for the multiple page, currently you can do this by using repeating group, and also I’m working on make these easier

also for download as pdf, i consider this on my backlog


Congratz for this very cool plugin.
No use yet but in the future for sure

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Thanks @pro.sc.conseils

awesome, thanks!