[NEW PLUGIN] Tagify - Tags Input Component

Hi all!

We recently launched the Tagify plugin! This plugin lets you create amazing comment sections, note taking apps, threads and more. This is the perfect plugin for anything that requires a combination of text and dynamic data!

The plugin contains:
:white_check_mark: Up to 3 different database types for tags
:white_check_mark: Style options for tags, input field and dropdown
:white_check_mark: Scalable with lot of database items

Demo here :point_right: here
Plugin here :point_right: here

Let us know what plugin we should build next :point_down:


Hey guys, it’s not clear from the demo, but can you save the input’s content with tags to the DB, and display those tags on a text element?

Example: Creating a Tweet feed where clicking on a mentioned user’s tag sends you to that user’s profile page. Thx!

Yes that’s definitely possible! There is an exposed state for the input’s content with and without tags. If you save it with tags, you can use the Tagify element in a repeating group and set the initial content to the field with the saved tags. You can also disable the inputs for these Tagify elements (this is an field in the element). Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve installed the plugin and had a play around with a test.

I have Tagify A and Tagify B on a page, the first is the input, and the second is the display in a repeating group. I’m only using List 1 to Search for Users and tag them by username.

When I save Tagify A’s Content Tags to a test object (plain text field) in the database, I can see [[{“value”:"@Platform",“prefix”:"@"}]] is passed. The repeating group updates with that content recognises the tag, and displays it in Tagify B correctly.

As soon as the page is refreshed. Tagify B no longer recognises the tag, and only displays the raw text as [[{“value”:"@Platform",“prefix”:"@"}]]

Possibly related, possibly not. I’m seeing the text sometimes passed as [[{“value”:"@Platform",“prefix”:"@"}]] and other times as [[{“text”:"@Platform",“value”:"@Platform",“prefix”:"@"}]] not sure why.

Any advice is much appreciated! Thx.

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Hi, is there the option to limit the number of characters as with standard bubble inputs?
Thank you

Love the plugin, thanks.

I want to use it in a RG and use the event “Tagify B A Tag is Added” and store the list “Tags in Use from 2”.

But the info does not seem to be extractable to put in the DB. I can show the tags in a text in the RG but my “Make changes to thing” does not get updated.

Putting the action on a button in the RG works fine. So it looks like it’s the “Tag is Added” event.

Any thoughts?

Best, Peter

Hello there!
Would you give us a link to your app to take a look? might be a timing issue

Thanks for coming back.

Cannot provide a link since this a customer’s app, sorry.

Could send you some videos and images, but cannot seem to send private messages here?

Or we could to a Zoom which might be quickest?

Cheers, Peter

Update: Solved it.

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New problems:

  1. When editing, it will not populate “Tags in Use” when I push the “Content Tags” I saved in the DB.

  2. Also I got this list of merged tags on all tag list trigger characters:
    Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 21.08.05

We rollbacked due to this so any help would be much appreciated.


Hello there!
We just made a minimal example of initial value with tags and they are displayed. You can check out this page tagify-demo | Bubble Editor and the preview here https://tagify-demo.bubbleapps.io/version-test/initial-tags-in-use let us know if this is not working for you and we’ll figure out why.

Similar thing happened with using different tags, would you make a minimal example of what’s going on and share a link with us so we can take a look?