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Introducing the magnificent "Amazing Mention Tag" plugin, here before your very eyes!

Hello everyone,

Today, we are thrilled to announce a brand new plugin that we’re incredibly excited about.

Introducing the customizable Amazing Mention Tag plugin.

It seamlessly integrates with Rich Text Input, Multiline Input, and Input elements (native Bubble elements).

Tested with 30K data and blazing fast!

Customizable! You can use it without compromising your design.

Unleash the power of showcasing users’ profile pictures while mentioning them!.

Experience the seamless and hassle-free setup process



Plugin Page

All feedback and questions are welcomed.

Note: Due to WU consumption, 30K data has been removed from the app. In the preview, you will be testing with 500+ data.



Great work @eren and team. Lives up to its name ‘Amazing’, nice one.


@eren Hi, i cannot seem to get the plugin working. Followed all documentation, but when i try type @… nothing comes up. I think it could be because it is showing up at the bottom of my input, but the input is pinned to the bottom of the screen. Is there any way to get the menu to show up ontop of the input?

Thanks mate. Comments from a known Bubbler like you are very important to us. We are glad you liked it. :beers:

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Hello @danielhbrown24

Thank you for your feedback and explanations. It actually works at the bottom of the page as well. You can see it here.

We noticed it still pushing the page down, and we’ll fix that too.

Are you sure the plugin is on version 1.5.0? I think you added the comment to the plugin and it came for version 1.4.0


@eren thanks for the quick response. in the plugin window there is no option to upgrade…

Also, because i am using it for a native app as well, they keyboard is blocking it…

Wondering if there is a way for it to show up on top of the input (such as how slack has their mention window show up while typing)

This is so interesting. May I ask you to try in order?

1- Try refreshing your editor
2- If it doesn’t work, clear your browsing data and refresh your editor
3- If it continues, uninstall and reinstall the plugin.
4- If it still doesn’t appear, you should create a bug report because our plugin has version 1.5.0.

Also, the download shows zero on the plugin editor page and the plugin page. This could be a Bubble related bug.

A feature you mentioned that we missed, we will look at what we can do and let you know as soon as possible.


This is why WU stuff is bad for our apps… Bubble must improve plugin builder to allow a similar function that we can have with searchbox that consume less WU.
I’ve removed a dropdown that use a search that return 35000+ items and this was comsumming 95% of all WU consummed by app…
This kind of search now can only be used with external DB and client side script like Xano plugin provide


@eren yes will try. im also getting this error in debug…

@eren just re-installed and im now on the new version. Thanks for taking a look at that potential feature add

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I agree. Bubble should gain flexibility in these matters. When it comes to third-party services, using a direct and free database solution like Google Sheets makes sense, but paying for a different service or paying for Bubble is debatable. I use Altogic instead of Xano, so I’m not very familiar with Xano. I was wondering if Xano has a solution for securing API keys in client-side calls. Altogic offers this functionality through the authorized domain feature.

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Great. I’m glad you fixed it. We will start working on this new feature, hopefully it won’t take too long. When we finish the development, I will share the updates under this post again.

It would be nice if we can display the @ in the input field to indicate that they have been tagged. Also, it would be nice to be able to indicate the tagged users in different font color or underline option to distinct to users that it’s tagged text

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Thanks for your feedback @dojin23 We’ll see what we can do.

Xano plugin from @jared.gibb and @eli is mostly client side.

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Yep. Make that call from your sever. Initiate the call from your client with logged in users only

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@eren. Thanks for this innovation. The eventual relevance of mentions is the ability to navigate to the profile of the mentioned user. I hope in your plugin we are able to use workflows on the mentions


We have this on our list. We will try to send an update ASAP.


Niace plugin!

I checked out your editor and saw that you use lists of texts in the list definitions so am I right to say I can tag other datatypes?

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Nice plugin, however, the following seems confusing.
Can you provide more details on this testing? This really sounds fake.

Tried and tested with over 30k users, this plugin offers proven performance.

FYI, I noticed the following bug within the first minute after installation: the selector doesn’t seem to stick to the designated input if you scroll (both on mobile and desktop)