[New Plugin] Text to Speech

Hey all, just released a new plugin, available now: Text to Speech

It uses the JavaScript “Web Speech” Speech Synthesis API, which modern browser have built in support for, to add unlimited real-time text-to-speech capabilities to your app.

Check out the demo here: https://plugindemos.bubbleapps.io/version-test/texttospeech

Available in the plugin store now: https://bubble.io/plugin/text-to-speech-1523646823789x626489445406736400


Cant seem to get the Microsoft Zira voice to work. Any solution?

This is a great plugin!
However, I recently ran into a problem. I’m using this to read English text with English voices and Chinese text with Chinese voices.
The English voices are still working fine in iOS 12, but the Chinese voices stopped working.
I checked https://caniuse.com/#feat=speech-synthesis and it appears to support iOS 12.

I tested the issue in your demo and seemed to have the same problem, so it doesn’t appear to something unique to my implementation.

Any ideas?


Is there any documentation to set the plugin after I download the plugin?

Hi there,

I just purchased this plugin and is having some issues.

With the latest version 1.3.0, the list of available voices is empty therefore I can only have the standard default voice.

I tried rolling back to previous versions and the Alpha versions have available voices (but different to the available voices in the demo page provided by the author). The issue with the Alpha versions is that it only read a certain amount of words then it stops whereas the latest version will read the full text.

Can Author please look into this?