[NEW PLUGIN] - TTS - Text-to-Speech plugin

Hi Bubblers!
I’m happy to announce my new plugin:

TTS - Text-To-Speech

Well the name says it all but to see how easy it is to use and what it does please check out the video below and the demo link :smiley:

Bubble Plugin Page | Demo Page

The price for the plugin is also much lower than other current alternatives.

As usual, you can ask for a free trial going to jpdom.bubbleapps.io and using the contact form (please tell me your appID in your request).

Nice Bubbling :smiley:


Well done. Which API does this plugin use?

Hi ! This plugin uses the WebSpeech API only (
browser API ) :smiley:

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Does this plugin have only male voice for now ? Can you also look to add more accents to it ?

Hi @bfore !

Sorry for the late response, as of now, you can’t choose the sex for the voice and I don’t belive I can change that because this plugin uses the voice that your browser already has in it so I cannot control that part…

Sorry if the plugin doesn’t meet your expectations right now, I promise I’ll look into your suggestion :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

João Domingues