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[NEW PLUGIN] The simplest tooltip plugin ever

Hey everyone! :wave:

Just launched a new plugin. I had a project where I needed to add a bunch of tooltips, but all the plugins I could find made me add a new element for each one which was super annoying. So I created a new one!

It’s super easy to use! You don’t even need to add an element. Just trigger one action on page load that lets you add as many tooltip/element ID combinations as you need, and voila! There’s minimal customization right now to the tooltips but I can add if requested. There are 4 basic themes you can use though.

Happy bubbling!


Cool! Yeah I have a bajillion elements for all the tooltips, no good. Excited to try your plugin

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Sound great! If haven’t tested it yet but i definitely will. you are saying that there are 4 themes. Is it a idea that you add one element names styles and there we can customize the tooltip. And the tooltip can be connected to a style if you want (in the action). Then the tooltip stays simple for those who want and others can style it.

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I hear someone say ‘simple tooltip’! If that is true I am a customer!!

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hey absolutely! I added the first 4 initial basic themes as I figured most people will probably end up just using those, but I can definitely look into adding more customization :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @NoCodePete ! Great plugin!

I am testing the plugin and I have the following doubts.

Would there be a way to insert a text with italics, line breaks, bold, etc?


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