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[NEW PLUGIN] Tooltip plugin

Hey guys just finished working on a tooltip plugin which i will be releasing some time tonight.

Yes now you can have options with your tooltips and attach it to anything, images, groups, etc.
And you can even trigger the tooltip with a different element than the element you want to attach to.
And you can position it at several different places, including even the mouse point or follow the mouse.
Here are some of the positions

Currently i’ve defined a fixed number of themes/styles to choose from. In version 2 you will be able to define your own colors and borders.

Want to know what other features you guys will want to have in a tooltip.Who knows i might be able to push some of the features in the first release.
Oh it’s FREEEEEE :smiley:


Great! :+1::+1:

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Amazing :smiley:

The delay can be managed before showing the tooltip? The actual delay is a little bit too slow to start.

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Very neat. :slight_smile: Useful. Will improve UX.

Hey john, it’s possible to control the delay but it was not going to be in the first release but if its very crucial i can include that. thanks


Looks awesome @seanhoots! I’ve been waiting for Bubble to add something like this. Looks like you beat them. Nice work!

Excited to try this. Sounds useful indeed. Thank you!

Omg I needed this to complete my website and here you are. Thanks man!

@seanhoots Delay will be good to add eventually, no rush.

hey @JohnMark, yes it’s not available yet. for some reason the tooltip isn’t showing for images and groups. it works for texts, inputs and buttons. i’m trying to figure out if it’s from my end or from bubble’s end.

That would be great, it’s something I’ve been waiting for. So thank you.
Could you release what you’ve done for texts, inputs and buttons as a first release ?

Hey guys i’ve publicly released the tooltip plugin (Air tooltip).Managed to add some cool feature like ability to style the tooltip yourself in addition to picking from some predefined themes.
@JohnMark you got your feature you asked for. You can set your own delay.
Enjoy and happy bubbling.


  1. Go to the settings page in your editor. Under the General tab click on the checkbox “Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements”
  2. To attach a tooltip to an element (text,input,multiline input, button), enter a name at the “ID Attribute” field in the property editor of the element.
  3. Pick and drop the Air tooltip element on the page. It doesn’t matter where you drop it. It wont be visible on the page when previewed.
  4. In the Trigger element id attribute of the tooltip, enter the same name you entered in step 2.
  5. Choose your options and you’re done.
    NB: To use your own style make sure you have checked the box, “Custom style”.
    NB: Currently this works for the following elements: buttons, texts, inputs, multiline inputs.
    Yes you can use this in a repeating group. Use the index of the field with some text to create some expression for the Element ID attribute and use the same expression for your tooltip.

Option is power


Please note, the delay setting doesnt work well on IOS devices so the default of 90ms will be used on IOS devices irrespective of the delay setting you choose. This is an issue from the library i used.

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Thanks great work.

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This is great! I appreciate the work behind this.

What are your plans around expanding event triggers? For example, if I wanted to use a tooltip for when a user entered an invalid password.

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This is a super handy plugin.

One idea for a future update: ability to close tooltip upon click OR mouseleave (I like @projectvisionhealth’s idea about event triggers!) . Half the time I expect people to click on a button they’re hovering over, and when they do the tooltip still stays visible when the mouseleave option is enabled. This may be a bug with the way popups work. It doesn’t always get stuck.

Great plugin! Thanks for creating this.
Is there a way to set the font size and border thickness?
Also, is it possible to set the height and width of the tooltip?


Im using @seanhoots plugin is the control of color only available in a pro version. selecting a theme does not seem to change anything. Its still shows as yellow/cream background

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@seanhoots Sean in seeing the same as @Tim_h…unless we are both doing something wrong