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[NEW PLUGIN] Time Slot Finder

I’m happy to present Time Slot Finder a new plugin to help generate time slot intervals while considering interval parameters and an optional list of busy time slots. Here is the plugin page

This plugin is perfect to help with booking apps calendar that need to generate free time slots for clients or management apps for employee assignments. No need to order the Busy Time Slot list or filter by date the plugin automatically sorts the Busy Time Slots.

Extract free time slots in a day:
-Can add a DB list of busy time slots (Start and End dates) to remove from free slots in a day.
-Can decide on specific time between slots and intervals.
-Can decide on specific time intervals to generate.
-Can decide on day start time.
-Can decide on day end time.

Extract free days in a month with no events (i.g., free all day):
-Can add a DB list of busy time slots (Start and End dates) to remove from free slots in a day.
-Can use complex ranges that cross between months


Here are some visual examples:

Generate time intervals of 1h with no time between intervals

Generate time intervals of 45mins with 15mins between intervals and list of Busy Time Slots events.

Extract free all day days in the selected month from a list of Busy Time Slots ranges.

Accepts Busy Time Slots ranges that cross between months (e.g., Busy Time Slot: 25 March-10 April).

I’ve also added Optional Google Service Account linkage to be able to extract personal Busy Time Slots. DM me if you need help setting the Service Account, I will gladly help.

Here is the plugin page



This will be a helpful plugin for a lot of users with simple booking/scheduling needs.

I checked out the demo and have been running into a consistent issue. When clicking on the dates of the current month in the calendar everything is all good, however, when clicking on a date outside of the current month, but still displayed by the calendar, the system crashes.

After it crashes no matter how long you wait or where you click you can’t click anything, not even the issue warning in the debugger.

I get this issue warning

which may have something to do with the crash

Thank you for playing around with it and finding this issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to recreate it. Will need to investigate more.

Hey @fabrice.latour04, we’ve bought this plugin but we were unsure how to add the slots, could you guide us?

We want a user to be able to add their desired slots

Hello @kareena,

Thank you for purchasing this Plugin. Take a look at this example I’ve made for you that use Busy Slots added by the User (User Data Type)

As you can see the User can easily add Busy Time Slots for specific dates and times:

Please don’t hesitate if you have more questions.