[New Plugin] Timeslots scheduler with overlapping

Hello Bubblers :upside_down_face:,

Here is Valerio from Hetyna Lab. :wave: First of all, I must confess that there are already similar plugins available, but the truth is, I haven’t had the opportunity to explore all the plugins on the platform. While some plugins worked well, I encountered challenges with displaying only available time slots, handling overlapping time slots, and dynamically calculating time slots when presented with a list of date ranges for already booked appointments.

To address these challenges, we decided to create our own method for obtaining time slots. Our goal was to develop a scheduling system that operates flexible, quickly, precisely, and optimally fills all available time, leaving no empty spaces on our calendars. :ok_hand: :mechanical_arm:

Click here for documentation, editor and run mode: DEMO

Click here for the plugin page: Get plugin

Key functionalities explained:

  • Customizable and Lightweight Plugin: This plugin does not rely on any external libraries, ensuring it remains lightweight for your page and use bubble elements to display timeslots, you only need a repeating group and the plugin element on the page (only in case of client-side).
  • Server-Side or Client-Side: You have the flexibility to choose between server-side or client-side implementation.
  • Flexible Date Range Handling: Generate time slots by providing one or more date ranges. Whether it’s for a single day, multiple date ranges on the same day with breaks, or even spanning a whole month or more, the choice is yours.
  • Avoid Overlapping Appointments: Input a list of date ranges for booked appointments to prevent overlapping.
  • Customizable Overlapping Threshold: Set the number of overlapping time slots allowed with booked appointments. If set to 0, a time slot won’t be created if it overlaps; if set to 1, it will be created only if there’s no other overlapping date range.

We developed this plugin to meet the core objectives of creating effective time slots and assisting with scheduling systems.

note for if you need to create timeslots for one day you can choose both server side or client side, but in case you want to create timeslots for a long period is better to do it server side.

If there are any missing functionalities you’d like us to consider, please let us know, and we’ll explore the possibility of implementing them.
Send us a PM, comment, e-mail at info@hetyna.com or visit Hetyna website for more contacts options