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New plugin to list under "Get data from external API"

I’m creating my first plugin that is relatively simply: convert XML files into JSON, for example:

This plugin will require the user to provide the path to the XML in the query string (after ?xml=). I’ve hooked up my API through the API Calls setting through the plugin editor. I’m trying to figure out how to get the output to look like the iTunes plugin that’s created by Bubble.

Is this done through the Elements tab? Not sure where to look, I’ve gone through the documentation and looked at the sample plugin, but couldn’t find it.

depends how you want to do it, since your using api calls though the best way i guess is to make the string you require in the api connector “public” so that its a field accessible to the editor for connecting an input.

“public” = user can add, modify, remove the parameters value inside the editor.
“secret” = is for things like api keys (users will define this value in the add plugins area).
“hidden” = a parameter in your calls your hiding that cannot be changed or modified.

inside an element you would create a field at the top say “xmlString” set it to dynamic text. then you can call that data using properties.xmlString