New Plugin - Type Text - Clickable - see demo

The new Type Text - Clickable Plugin is a fork of the incredible Typewriter Text Plugin.

I needed to be able to detect when a User clicked on the text, so I added that feature in my forked version, and also added a few more supported text phrases.

  • The result allowed me to create what looks like an input field, where text appears to be typed, then deleted, and new text is typed again; when Users click on it, a standard Input field replaces the Type Text - Clickable Element, so that the User can start entering text.
    – I also added in my demo the ability for Users to click out of the input, and if no text had been entered when the input loses focus, the Type Text - Clickable text will start cycling through statements again.

Check out my demo, where you can see this working: Type Text - Clickable

  • I included instructions to help achieve how everything functions on that page, including extra steps for iOS support.

Type Text - Clickable: Type text - Clickable Plugin | Bubble

Let me know if you have any questions!