🎉 New Plugin: Type Text - Scroll Input - allows for a ChatGPT-like scrolling text stream

Check out my new Plugin: Type Text - Scroll Input: Type text - Scroll Input Plugin | Bubble

This is a fork of the excellent ‘Insert with typewriter effect’ Plugin: Bubble Plugin Editor - Insert with typewriter effect

This new Plugin allows Multiline Inputs to automatically scroll as text is auto-typed into the field.

It creates an awesome ChatGPT-like effect which you can see in these examples:

1 - The Demo (press the Insert button): Type Text - Scroll Input
2 - My new Bubble web app that just launched today, maching.ai, where I’m actually using ChatGPT APIs and have created a ChatGPT-like chat-bot with this new Plugin: Type Text - Scroll Input

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

Super cool, could be useful for a project I have but we’re doing all the generation in backend workflows and then attaching it to a chat session data type as a new chat message. Without reworking our whole workflow, can you see a way where we could implement this to display the responses from the API as they come in via backend workflows?

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I haven’t tried this sort of thing from a Backend Workflow, so can’t confirm at the moment, but I’m doing a similar thing in my new app with a standard Workflow, where I call ChatGPT APIs, and as the data is returned I use the Plugin to display it in my multiline input.