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[NEW PLUGIN] Google Maps Navigation Plugin

This plugin enables you to create a deep link to the google maps app and start a navigation. Users can click a button and be redirected to the google maps app on their phone and automatically start a navigation.

Setup Instructions

You will need 2 Addresses (1) The origin (which in most cases will be the users location) and (2) The Destination. This can come from inputs or from some data in the database.

You will then use a button to trigger the action called “navigate with google maps”. To setup this action, you will specify the origin, the destination and choose the travel mode

When a user clicks this button, it will open the google maps app on their phone and start a navigation from specified origin to the destination:

Plugin Link - Google Maps Navigation Plugin | Bubble

Isn’t this the same thing?

This paid plugin is not opening the page of navigation, the last page when user click on the button ‘Navigate’. The page coming is error page

Good day @rishidavinci

We apologize for your bad experience. Can you send us Screenshots of your error so we can help find the issue and fix it.

Here is a link to the editor to confirm if it was set up correctly - Database123example | Bubble Editor

Here is a link to the demo to see how it works -