[NEW PLUGIN] QR Codes on the fly

Hi community

Let me present a new plugin [QR Code] that give’s you ability to generate QR Codes on the fly. No additional actions or manipulations needed.
Just install, and it works, simple as that.

The plugin’s element itself can show QR Codes, but you can also use it’s state to load QR Codes in bubble’s image elements.




Don’t hesitate to ask any question related to this plugin, or if you are interested in a collaboration or plugin integration, I’m open to opportunities and interesting ideas & collabs. :wink:

Mr. Bubbles


Excellent. I need this for a project that some free qr code generators failed on.

Hi @boston85719

I can only encourage you to give it a shot )
You’ll be amazed how simple it is and it just working and working blazing fast :wink:
Just check the demo page and check how simple it is to setup! :wink:

And the prices are just only for support, not for profit!

Mr. Bubbles

Thank you.

BTW, what is the service behind it? Is there a paid account necessary to the service provider or is it a free api provider?

@boston85719 it’s a tiny lib behind it, and it’s no need to care about. just use it like a simple bubble element. :slight_smile:

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