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[New Plugin] Update to Stripe Identity API 🎁

Hi everyone,

Recently Stripe reached out for a meeting to sit down and talk about Stripe Identity, how users are using the plugin, and the feedback I’ve heard. Following a great conversation with their Identity Engineer, it was asked to update the plugin to the newer stripe version of identity to v5.

I’ve also become a Stripe Partner :v:, so if you’re someone who is curious and looks at the ‘plugin code’, you’ll see a ‘user-agent’ in the header of the api calls. This is simply for tracking purposes for Stripe, and doesn’t collect any personal data.

Stripe recommends using webhooks to watch for the status of the verification, as the verification process for documents can take anywhere between 1-3 minutes. More info here on that.

If you’ve used the previous plugin in the past, and have feedback, please reach out! Feedback on this new one is also appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:



Please note: the old plugin has been renamed with “deprecated” in the title. This will allow users who have the previous plugin to migrate to the new one, without interrupting their apps by just deleting the plugin.


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Hey man,

How does this compare to a service like Persona?

Hey @eli! :slight_smile:

Good question. I had never heard of Persona, but reading over their docs, it’s very similar. I’m sure Persona has a few more bells and whistles than what I’ve read so far in comparison to Stripe.

Comparing the two, both have a few options for initializing. (Modal and redirect)

Both check documents (passport, drivers license, selfie checks, etc)

Very cool! I’ve used Persona a couple times but hadn’t heard of Stripe verification so was curious. Looks like the Stripes is hosted on a stripe page? That would be a bit simpler than Persona

Nice! Yeah it’s their own Stripe hosted page. I might work on the modal portion in the future, but wanted to just get the update out there in the mean time.

Hi @lantzgould

What am I doing that’s wrong, please?

I get this error:

I also tried it with “[require_matching_selfie]” and got this error below.

Screenshot 2021-06-22 164628

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

The plugin is just looking for a true or false value when using the action of Create a Verification Session with Selfie Check.

Hi @lantzgould

That worked! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks very much for the timely response.


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