Stripe Identity Verification: How to integrate in User sign-up flow?

Hi all, I am brand new to bubble, want to say hello to everyone here :slightly_smiling_face:

I am testing / iterating / playing around with a plugin (Stripe Identity Verification) on my simple bubble app and wonder how to best implement it in the user sign-up flow? From my understanding, it should be possible to return user data (the name etc which a user types in during verification) to a user profile on bubble, is that correct?

Maybe someone has built something like this and can give me some advice, I would really be thankful for that. Also, the plugin was built by @lantzgould I believe (if I got the username for the forum correct?).

Looking forward to your help, any advice is appreciated!


Did anyone get this plugin to work? It does not work for me, I get a 401 error message when clicking a button = starting the process (and a pop-up opens). Detailed error message:


Can anyone please help me or give advice on how to fix this?

Thanks and best,