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Stripe Verify ID v2 Plugin

@lantzgould Hi! I’m interested in using your Stripe Verify ID Plugin. It seems great! I am curious whether the plugin has a workflow to retrieve a user’s name and cross check it with the name they have inserted into an input.

May you guide me in how I’d be able to do this?

Hi there,

I don’t believe I have these values returned by the plugin. And I don’t know that stripe sends these values back, I’d have to check. Stripe does find and compare these values found in the stripe call in your account. Have you tried with any of the parameters returned?

Hi @lantzgould! I’m a bit confused on what you mean. I have not attempted this yet as I have not taken the time to set up something that may not be the solution I need. I’m looking for something that will be able to cross reference the user’s legal name on their ID to the name they’ve put into an input as their full name. Please let me know if this is something this plugin can do. What values does this plugin acquire from Stripe? And how does the verification portion work if name data is returned from Stripe? Thank you so much for your help.

Hi @adammiko10,

Stripe currently doesn’t send back these values and are only available in your Stripe dashboard, so I don’t think it would be what you’re looking to do on your platform. Stripe handles the entirety of the verification, and sends back wether or not it believes the information to be accurate or not based on the provided document. There are a few others, like Persona that might be able to do what you’re looking for. I’ve heard great things about that platform as well, just haven’t had time to dive into it.

I hope this helps, and feel free if you have any more questions.

Thank you, Lantz!

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