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[NEW] Plugin - Web Push Notifications using OneSignal

Hey Caeroa,

Unfortunately we cannot use “” whether you are Https or not (Only exception is Dedicated Bubble plan). That is because Bubble doesnt allow you to access the server to upload the necessary files.

Safari is currently working and active!

Working on developing iOS and Android. :slight_smile:


Hey Codurly, thank you for your quick reply.

:kissing_closed_eyes: :yum: keep nice work following :+1::+1:

@codurly, any update on the Android and iOS notifications?

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@codurly - are you still supporting and updating this plugin? I was waiting to see a couple more updates (specifically Android and iOS notifications) before proceeding… please let us know, thanks!

Collegefund - I’ve been working to integrate this via Native app and have hacked it together for the time being, but welcome some brainpower to think of a foolproof way of doing this. See my post here:

Thanks @johncottongim - would this approach require the GoNative license? One signal shows support for Android notifications naively… is that not what you have experienced?

Yes, I have an app with a GoNative license, so that is my use case. Assume you can use this with PhoneGap as well, without the need for a license. Though I wanted an iOS app as well, so needed to go with GoNative given the current state of native apps on Bubble.
So far I’ve been happy with OneSignal API performance (and GoNative’s support.

Any news on mobile (iOS/Android) support?


We will be pushing an update to this plugin in the coming days to account for a new chrome update that no longer allows for the automatic notification prompting on chrome as well as some other changes.

What we will be working on:

  • HTTPS Support
    - This allows for your domain to be on the notification (Instead of
    - Manual notification permission requests
    - Easier for people to subscribe to notifications (Less steps from the previous HTTP method)
    - Easy migration between push notification providers
    **This feature will only be available for paid Bubble apps that have custom domains and are delivered with HTTPS. (Don’t worry, you can still use the old HTTP method instead)

Why didn’t we do this before?

Bubble just added the ability to upload to the root of your bubble app’s domain which means we are able to upload the correct files to allow for one signal to do this. Thanks @emmanuel!

We will keep you updated, be sure to follow this topic for more updates!

Thanks for reading,
Nic C

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Hey @codurly

So could you please share the javascript code you are showing in your video tutorial?
That’s not 720 unfortunately and I can’t see what’s there. You know… visual coding means I don’t know coding so I could try to guess what’s saying like: OneSignal.push(function(){ but I could be wrong.

Hey! Please send us a PM :slight_smile:

sent :slight_smile: Waiting for your reply. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding OneSignal. It’s really very awesome. If you are looking for instant web push notification then i would recommend you Zet Push. This is very awesome tool. Mostly used in these days. Give it a try. Thanks.

hey @caeroa ! I’m having a similar problem - how long did it take for the notifications to start working for you?

@codurly and @mvandrei - I’m currently struggling to get the onesignal notifications working through codurly’s plugin, so any assistance or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

hey. What’s the issue, please share the details.
Did you check this tutorial I made?
Maybe it helps.

hey @mvandrei! thanks for responding! I did check out your tutorial, and it is an awesome resource - thank you.
My issue is that I have followed (to the best of my understanding) all of the steps in codurly’s getting started video (, but when I load my app, I don’t get prompted for notification permissions :no_mouth:
I can’t seem to figure out where I might be going wrong, and don’t really know where to start

do you have paid subscription on bubble? Send me your onesignal credentials and your bubble editor. If you have paid subscription I will send you my email address to invite me to your app no need for the editor URL


I bought the premium plugin. There are no instructions on how to install, the free one doesn’t work, even on your own site (on three different devices), and I’m not getting any response on my email.

What’s going on?