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[New Plugin] OneSignal Push Notifications MAX (iOS + Android + Web)

Hi Bubble Community,

I am proud to introduce you our “OneSignal MAX Push Notifications (iOS + Android + Web)” plugin.

Why this is the only OneSignal Plugin you need to solve all your OneSignal-related issues:

  1. Cross-platform usage (iOS + Android + Web)
    The plugin will help you and your users send OneSignal push notifications to your users in all platforms where you run your Bubble apps: browser, mobile browser and mobile native applications run on Android and iOS.
  2. Easy to follow detailed documentation
    With an aim to make its set up process as smooth at possible, we created a super detailed step-by-step documentation for your set up.
  3. Features that cover all possible notification-related use cases
    With our plugin you can configure your Bubble app or use OneSignal panel to send push notifications to: a single device of you user, multiple devices, user segments or users that you tagged. You can use all these actions or just one of them, it depends on your needs.
  4. Low price
    Now we have a limited time offer - you can subscribe already for $5 /month or $29/once. It makes our plugin price a few times lower than by comparable plugins.

Check our demo for more information: Anocadodemo | Bubble Editor

Personally we use all above mentioned features of these plugin on our apps in the following way:

  • Multi push notifications feature is used to notify users across their all devices of any new message or alert they receive from our app or other users.
  • Segment notifications allow us to send direct notifications to certain groups of users.
  • Tagging is a great way of labelling certain characteristics to users and using that labels for the more personalized communication.

In case you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to help, just drop us a line under: [email protected]

Andre | Anocado Team


@Anocado great stuff! :+1:t2:


Are there any fees related to the usage from the service provider?

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Hi, OneSignal has a freemium model. It is free of charge at default. It is possible to use it for free all the time as well, since the push notifications are unlimited in the free plan.

I use it in the combination with our plugin for one of my bubble apps that have a few thousands users for more than a year and have not paid a cent until now. Free unlimited push notifications is what I mostly use, so I do not see a point to upgrade my plan.

As with each freemium model it is possible to get more features when you go to the paid plan. Here is an overview of the pricing options:


Hi @Anocado

finally, I have cross platform notifications that works for my app. I has already previously tried to install the notifications for my bubble app wrapped with SuperView to allow my users to receive native Android and iOS notifications on their mobile phones, but all my attempts failed.

I am really happy, that thanks to your plugin and step-by-step instructions, it has finally happened and I can offer a really native experience to my users.

Thank a lot you for the plugin!

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We appreciate you feedback :raised_hands:

And are happy to hear that our plugin helped you to solve you problem :grinning:


Does this plugin work with either or BDK Native wrapper?

Hi, @faisalkarimstubapp

Weather our plugin works with ( or BDK Native, depends on weather the user of these solutions will have access to the source code of iOS and Android apps. Do you have access to the source code of your iOS and Android wrappers?

In case you have, we can help you to configure your apps with our OneSignal plugin, just pm us on [email protected]

I think they give access to the source code when compiling. I will pm you soon.

Hello @faisalkarimstubapp @Anocado

Please let me know if you are successful in utilizing the OneSignal push plugin with BDK native wrapper.



I haven’t proceeded. I Will let you know once I am done.

Hello @Anocado, I’am looking for a way to do push notification on IOS. Is it possible to send push notification via web browser on IOS via your pluggin ?
If not, my only solution is to build a PWA right ?

Thank you !

@dpy.ludovic Hi, yes it is possible :wink: