[NEW PLUGIN] OneSignal Push Notifications PRO plugin

Hey guys,

As promised, here is the PRO version of the plugin.

It’s easier than ever to have push notifications from https://www.OneSignal.com on your Bubble app.
It works with: desktop and laptop browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox; mobile devices: iOS and Android - tested with SuperView only SuperView on CodeCanyon
Here is a nice video made by Ryley (thank you!) in which he shows you how to correctly install the plugin.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3cFL60S_qI tutorial on how to install and configure the plugin with OneSignal app.
L.E.2. In order to use the multiplePID workflow, you need to add the entire field between " " and inside those, after you add the PID you need to click more and add join with ", " that is double quotation marks coma space double quotation marks

If you don’t use a specific URL to be opened inside the app, just add a blank space in the URL field, so that the app won’t crash while receiving a push notification and the app is opened.
Enjoy it!
Good luck with your projects!


To celebrate it together, we have a promotional price. Check it out!


Hey @mvandrei!

Great to see this plugin up and running. I did discover a bug. It asks the permission even though I don’t have plugin element added on the page. This means that when the page is not for logged in users plugin is active but PID can not be saved with the user.

I’m seeing this on my login page. Is there a way to disable or enable it on a specific pages?


Thanks for your message.This version works different. Just follow the tutorial on the page you need it, after login or wherever it is, and it will save it there. A lot of steps have been removed/automated to ease the process.

Hey! I have set up the workflows and it does save the PID for logged in users… but It’s a bit weird that it asks permissions for notifications even though user is not logged in.

I just had to unsubscribe from the plugin for now because it’s not expected behaviour.

It’s up to you if you want to keep the subscription or not, but the plugin works as intended. You can always ask for support while subscribed.

I would definitely us it in few of my project but I think there has to be control over wether it shows up on logged out users or not or if the element is placed on the page or not.

The prompt will come immediately, the next moment the website was loaded.
It is up to you to place the element on the page that you want to get the PID.
You can add it in the header or the footer, and when the user will log in, it will save the PID, when it logs out, it will delete the PID.
This way you can add the PID to the account that is currently using that device.
E.g. You login, you add your computer. Then you log out and your friend comes over and logs in, then he will have that PID registered to his account.
It was made better, as I said.

Yes I have a PID saving workflows in action everything works as you explained.

Just saying it would be nice to show prompt only on the pages where plugin element it added or condition to show prompt if user it logged in.

Hello i’m new with the plugin i bought it today !
Thanks for your great work.

Is there a place where i could find all the set up steps i have to complete, including in One signal ?
I’m creating an app in One signal but i don’t know which platform i have to choose…

I want to send notifications to users through web and mobile…

Can you please help ?

Thanks in advance


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Hello Francois,

Congrats and thank you for the purchase.
I am glad to help you set it up.
Please add me to your app (email redacted).
For mobile apps you need a web wrapper such as SuperView.
Currently, I am out of the office and I will return later today.
Will be back once I am free and can assist you.

Hello Andrei

Thank you for your very quick answer !
I think i cannot add you to my app as i’m in Personal plan…
My problem for the moment is to configure One Signal… for the rest i’ve seen your video tuto on youtube and i will try to do it by myself and ask you if i’m lost :wink:

What do i have to choose at this stage (creating an app in One signal & selecting a platform) ?

Thank you again !



Hello Andrei

I went through config with “web push” option…
Putting the code here

And adding the three files one signal provides, like this :

I was expected at least that the popup to accept notifications will show up when on my site (on desktop or on mobile…) but nothing happens and in one signal dashboard its like nothing happens.
(and i had 4 users signin up in reality) (i’m on livre version but with friends testing)

Can you help me please ?

Thank you :wink:

OK i got it with the video ! it works but only on desktop (i have a popup asking if notifications are ok)
How can i do to make it work on mobile ?

Thanks in advance for your help.




I’m glad you made it work. You were not asked to do all that custom work… the plugin does it for you. What’s not covered in the tutorials, doesn’t have to be done.
What wrapper are you using for mobile devices?

Hello Andrei

I didn’t find any info on how to install / configure the plugin… Where can we find like a user manual or explainations about the first steps after buying it ?

I don’t have a wrapper for mobile devices… is it mandatory to view notifications on mobile ? even through safari for iOS ?

Thanks for your answers.
Have a good day!



I don’t provide a manual for onesignal because they already have their own documentation.
In the beginning of this post I’ve shared two vides and a screenshot of how to properly set the workflow.

A mobile phone needs an app in order to receive push notifications. It doesn’t matter that it’s called the same on mobile and desktop. This is why I’ve asked two times already what wrapper you are using, and recommend you superview, that’s stated at te beginning of this post


Let me know if you need anything else!

Hello Andrei

Thank you so much for your help !

I will try to install Superview as you advice. I’ve read the post you’re referring to; Thank you again !
Seems to be quite complex but worth try it no?

To your opinion how much time to complete everything (installation of Superview ; Link to bubble ; creating Xcode accounts ; publishing on stores ) ?
Is it possible to run tests without publishing on app stores?

Have a nice day !

No problem.

If you want a mobile app, then this is the way to do it, And it’s at a fraction of the cost of a ‘native’ one.
Superview is pretty much straightforward … you just need to fill in the blanks and you are done! The rest is up to you ow much experience you have with app icons, splash screen, graphics in general or use generators for those; then android, for me at least, is a hell.
You could pay someone to help you.
Keep in mind you need developer accounts on both platform in order be able to publish the apps under your account. Or as a friend :slight_smile:.
The downside of android is that it’s tricker to configure superview and anything related to it, but it will be approved very fast.
The downside of iOS is that once you complete everything very fast, you’ll have to wait for it to be approved and you might encounter an idiot on apple’s team and … it can be a nightmare.

So I can’t give you a direct answer to this. Depends on a lot of variables, but it is:

than to build an app on each platform natively or even hybrid.

Good luck! :slight_smile:
I can help you with the apps and even publish under my own developer account, but it will cost 150usd/hr (usually takes 1 hour - 2 if you count onesignal setup too as a turnkey solution) to get it done and free for the first year, then it’s 100$/year to keep it on the store (same as apple’s dev account fee, but you won’t have to face provisioning profiles, android’s firebase and stuff like that).

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This plugin is GREAT! Saves a TON of hassle & works very well. Thanks!