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Lightweight. Customizable. Super Easy.

Guide your users with a beautiful design.


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No Javascript library is used in this plugin.

Enjoy the flexibility
Totally under your control.

Super Easy
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Let’s give it a try :point_down:

from Kodsuz :blue_heart:


Looks nice, is there an option to round the box’s corners?


Thank you so much!

There is no feature to change the roundness value in the current version. However, please mention all your feature requests. So that I can lay out a roadmap for future updates :v:


Nice work guys, very useful


Possible to make it so that the tooltip can be positioned inside a repeating group in the top position without the tooltip being overlapped ?

I was able to get it to work by positioning the tooltip relative to the bottom of rg element but it would be nice if it would work both ways.

Also if there was any way that it could communicate with elements inside a repeating group so that dynamic text inside a rg could be defined and displayed for each row of data ?

I should have done more homework prior to purchasing as the features that are clearly stated work great. That being said I did purchase with the intent of using in a RG so if these features were possible that would be greatly appreciated.


Hello @coty!

As Kodsuz, we have handed over the “Wonderful Tooltip” plugin to RapidDev. @RapidDev may be able to help you. I hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible.


Hi, coty! We appreciate your feedback on our “Wonderful Tooltip” plugin. I have instructed my team to look into the possibility of adding the features that you have requested. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Hey there! Please check the review I just posted (4/5 stars). There is an issue with the z-index of the tooltip. If the tooltip is inside a RG of reusable elements the tooltip is not visible and borders are overlayed over the tooltip. Thanks!

Screenshot from 2023-07-09 13-43-52

Hi @jonah.deleseleuc! Thank you for your review and feedback regarding our plugin. We are looking into the issue you reported. We will keep you posted on any progress as soon as we can.

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Hi @jonah.deleseleuc, thanks for your patience :pray:

We’ve pushed a plugin update that fixed the z-index of the tooltip. To try it out, please update your plugin to the latest version.

Also, please note that there is one little limitation.
If you want it to work in repeating groups, please make sure that these repeating groups are not scrollable, otherwise, it will be bugged.

Try it here:

We also added a little warning in the action to let people know how to use it in repeating groups:

Hope this helps. If there will be any other plugin-related questions, please let us know.

Rapid Dev Support Team

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Thanks for the update, but it’s still broken on first hover. Check your demo page:

And in my app, tooltips simply stopped working in RG’s all together

Are you adding a pause here to wait for RG elements to be loaded? That’s cheating …

Edit: Can’t use “Page is loaded” for RG because the RG hasn’t loaded when the actions execute. You must wait to create the actions. This is pretty cumbersome. Would be better if the action awaited for the ID to exist and THEN executed.

You’ve got this the wrong way ‘round, @jonah.deleseleuc. Your proposed solution does not work in Bubble’s plugin API. Element plugins that have actions need to throw an initialized event to let the Bubble programmer user know it’s OK to fire those actions. You already know this.

I am suggesting that inside the initialize function he runs a DOM Mutation Observer!

I’d like to see a working example of that, that actually addresses what I think you’re trying to address. Even if it does, it’s easier for the plugin to throw an initialized event. (Also, are you sure it does not? Most element plugin devs figure this out or come across it pretty quickly.) Can’t tell if this particular Bubble plugin developer has yet, but if not, FYI @Efe.

Edit: pointless to ping the OP as this plugin is under new management.

Hi @jonah.deleseleuc, thanks for your reply.

Strange case, didn’t happen on our side.

Let us check this internally and see what could be done in this regard. Once any news will appear, we will let you know asap.

Rapid Dev Support Team

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@jonah.deleseleuc We’ve changed the setup on the demo page, so please check it again. Later today the plugin will get another update, that should fix the above-mentioned moments.

If there will be any other questions, please let us know.

Rapid Dev Support Team

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Hi @jonah.deleseleuc, thanks for your patience.
The plugin update has been released.

Have a great weekend ahead! If there will be any questions or suggestions on your plugin, please let us know.

Rapid Dev Support Team

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Thank you very much! I’ll check it out :smiley:

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