[New plugins] Generate a cumulative/absolute list

Hello everyone,

I have published 2 new plugins!

The first plugin lets you create a cumulative list from a list of numbers. This is great for creating a cumulative chart for example.

Demo page: https://pluginpreview.bubbleapps.io/cumulativelist
Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/cumulative-array-1584828200412x478664232019689500

My second plugin lets you generate a list with only absolute (positive) values from a list with negative numbers. Also great for charts.

Demo page: https://pluginpreview.bubbleapps.io/absolutelist
Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/negative-to-positive-array-1585166132936x948732375828791300



Hi Thimo,

Iā€™d like to pilot a cumulative chart, grouping by day. I tried to achieve that by combining your plug in & :group by expression, but not getting successful. You tip would be super helpful!