New Plugins, Site & Other Stuff!

Firstly new site: - many goodies inside, well worth a sign up and a look around its FREE!.

Plug Bubble Plugin - Now includes Diag/Reporting action. This allows you to catch any dynamic content and fire it off in a report to your pb account. We throw a bunch of page speed and content stats at it as well as a desktop/mobile snap and list it just for you to view. They look like this,

Owners & License holders - will find their purchases already appended to their accounts for easy transfer & can also now print out their P.O.P

Remote Functions - We are building a library of functions, everything from stretch this, to render one of those. The best part is no bloat, no mass of plugins and no limits as to how far we can push your requests. You will have an arsenal of functions available to add & build on within your account and come time to execute you simply call the function on the fly… This will also include providing results of code in other languages such as php as we have the ability to process the code in a secure environment and provide the results back to you.

Purchases - We want you to have your new plugin / integration ASAP, so all purchases & support requests now fire off sms alerts and emails to get our attention sooner.

New Stuff:

Files to S3 & Box - speaks for itself.

Has It Loaded - Setup by getting the result of the count action, from then on the trigger will not fire until that many elements have fully loaded.

Browser Notifications - No external services, No internal bloat, This is the lightest way you could fire a push notification on a desktop or mobile device. (except maybe one of our remote functions)

TimeDropper - Mobile friendly, Pick your own colors all over, outputs in number formats for use with Date/Time references and also a compiled string for labels.

That will do for now, keep your eyes out for a few more soon!


Very nice, plugin for Quickbooks also? approx when?

Yer, QB is there although ive restricted purchase as it requires a little demo so if anyone is interested here are the minimum calls included but please, PM us so we can chat.


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Hi Jarrad,
Is Bubble Box the >50mb plugin you were working on, or is the upload size still capped by Bubble on this one? Thanks

No, this is not the upload element, This is a behind the scenes file transfer plugin best suited to Backups/File moving/after Upload… That’s all i will say, or I might have to pull that one too :slight_smile: To be clear though, one of the issues with the element is it was not able to be capped with out making them changes.

Lovely looking site @jarrad, looks like you’ve put in heaps of love : )

Some feedback on the wording …

jQuery Knob - I think the description could expand more on what knobs are on offer.

Device Compass - I think the second and third sentences could be replaced with simpler dot points.

click send Done Right - I read the description and I still have no idea what it is offering : P

Firebase Authenticate - Could you list a couple of firebase’s functions that would grab a Bubble user’s attention?

I hope you get a lot of interest!

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Thanks for the feedback @mishav! much appreciated, I will have a play around shortly and see what I can do :slight_smile:

Hello Jarrad,

If you click on any of the tiles below the fold they do not auto-scroll up the page to reveal the reason why the links don’t work.

For example, go to your site, wait the 15 seconds it takes for the page to load (from New Zealand, it felt like a lifetime), click the lock to unlock the content, scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click an item you’re interested in finding out more information about. For me, I clicked the browser notifications.

After nothing happened, I scrolled back to the top and noticed a message advising I must log in first.

I won’t be doing that, and so will wait until you find the time to put more information about your plugins in front of the ‘paywall’.

Aside from that, good on you for creating so many solutions to the ever growing list of missing features from Bubble I hope to be a customer one day.

Just to clarify, it appeared that I needed to click the unlock button to get the content to load but in actual fact, that’s just the web page still continuing to load in the background (add a further 10 seconds or so to original load time).

I got say mate, I have one of the slowest connections in my city due to lack of infrastructure in my area and even un-cached the site is not taking that long to load for me,


however if load load time is the trade off for adding the plugins to the the site itself for the purpose of demos, licensing, trials & diagnostics then I would gladly take the hit.


If the login box’s method of opening becomes an issue i will change it, but so far signups have been going smoothly.

I think you will find that this is a permission request - it display’s a welcome push notification on your NEXT visit, rather than throw notifications up on first ever loading the site I choose to allow people the chance to log in/signup to view whats on offer first. This also doubles as the permission required to show the notification when the demo button is clicked.


Bingo! thanks for this, Its a valid point that I overlooked, there is now a scroll to top action.

That’s a shame & I’m sorry you feel this way.

Behind each flip card the generalized description is found here by simply hovering over it including the price of the plugin.

Just like roughly 50% of my plugins & services, Signup & Bug Reporting is free. a paywall is not at all what this is. But to make sure Ive added text to the login box to make this perfectly clear.

Me too. :slight_smile:, Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts.

Could you further explain the differences between this plugin and the bubble’s native “is loaded(above fold/full)” event? Can your plugin help with this image rendering issue(Detecting if elements are *fully* rendered
)? More on a technical note, what javascript methods are you using to make this plugin work?

By the way, I just purchased your localStorage plugin - thanks!