Wow, 500+ plugins available for Bubble! Any favourites come to mind?

Congrats @Bubble for reaching over 500 plugins on the plugins page/store and also a big congrats to the many developers involved in their contribution.

On this note, are there any stand out plugins, hidden gems or project essentials that come to mind?

I’ll be honest, I’ve only been able to dive into just a few of the hundreds of plugins available, but here are some of my go to ones (much appreciated to the ace developers/teams involved to create these):

  • Air Date/Time Picker Plugin
  • Bubble’s own ‘Stripe Plugin’
    Stripe integration for one off payment or subscriptions made easy.
  • Toolbox
  • Bubble’s own ‘API Connector’
    Connect with anything that uses an API and integrate with relative ease, into your Bubble app
  • Bubble’s own ‘Zapier’
    Expand upon thousands for further integrations
  • CSS Tools
  • Multi-Uploader
  • Instant Text
  • Bubble Page to PDF converter
  • Tooltips
  • Search & Autocorrect


  • Browser
  • Slideable Menus

p.s. I am hoping to develop a small set of plugins for next year e.g. modern touch slider with accelerated transitions, cross-browser animations pack, animated tab bar icons/items. I aspire to get involved and contribute towards the growing selection of available Bubble plugins…



Definitely agree with ones you’d mentioned. A few others come to mind.

But, first, a huge kudos to those who have released plugins for free. I realize that many of your could very reasonably justify charging for these plugins. Thank you for your open-source contributions to the Bubble ecosystem.

@copilot’s Stripe plugin - Salar and team’s Stripe.js plugin offers a ton of advanced Stripe integrations. (And is used in some ~1,500 apps).

@louisadekoya’s RelativeTime plugin - before this plugin came out, I spent a solid day trying to replicate the functionality within Bubble. This did it out of the box.

@AliFarahat Google Maps Extended plugin - this plugin has been used some ~4,700 times. Being able to pull travel distances and times based on different factors was a game changer.

I’ve enjoyed building a few of my own (GoodReads API and IPstack) and hope to add a few more over the holidays.


Just to reiterate one of Luke’s original recs: TOOLBOX! I told @mishav the other day that Toolbox is so essential that I can’t imagine Bubble without it.

Nearly all of the Bubble-built plugins are also more or less essentials (and one can think of them as native functionality that simply takes a simple “install” step to activate) — they are documented in the Reference.

I also dig @gaurav’s Phone Input. (If like me you’ve discovered that your user base is global rather than US-centric, this is a very helpful thing. The rest of his plugs are fascinating as well, but I’m only using the Phone Input in production.

Tip: some of his plugins are useful to look at just for ideas on how you might extend Bubble in non-plug-in ways. For example, I was playing with the one that can add preloader a and that inspired me to add a pure CSS preloader animation to my iFrameable widgets. I simply hadn’t realized how easy it was to do that!)


Reload on Update. The first plugin I install on every page. It’s a real time saver.



Some nice picks there Dan. Thanks for the suggestion about the RelativeTime plugin, I saw this a while ago and completely slipped my mind, its definitely a ‘time saver’ (sorry couldn’t help myself).

Both CoBubble’s Stripe plugin and Ali Farahat’s Google Maps plugins are something I haven’t used yet, looked into them, but I’m very grateful they exist and go beyond the scope of the Bubble integrated plugins to provide even more in-depth options/features…

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Yep fully agree, the Toolbox provides a lot of integrated flexibility. I know it has a lot more potential for what I’m using it for at the moment, but realise it offers great power.

Really need to check out the developers kit @gaurav has created, a lot of gems there.

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Agreed, very handy - especially when making minor design changes and saving those few seconds of page load all add up at the end of development.

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