New Pricing - Searchbox element to allow list from another source

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In the search box element when setting the list to use for searching, the only function is to basically do a search. Not 100% sure as I don’t want to spend the time testing this stuff, but pretty confident that this will result in a search taking place and an unnecessary usage of WUs.

The search box element should be updated to allow the list to use to be from another source as there are high likelihoods that the list to search for is already on the page somewhere. Think for example about a dashboard for a company that has a list of employees and the list is displayed in a repeating group and you want to add a search function using the search box element. The search box element should be able to take the repeating group list of employees for it’s search rather than having to perform another search.

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It can also be solved if standard dropdown has a better UX? (Which supports source to be another list already)

More often than not what I need is that. A better UX in the dropdown.

So support for things like being able to type to search, Ability to select via checkbox within dropdown, ability to customise the what is displayed in dropdown options (e.g. Photo along with name) etc.

So if we have that, then your use-case is met along with many others who need a better dropdown?

The search box element is what does that. But, yes, the drop down could have a better UX, but that has already been solved by plugins or custom building your own drop down.

What is important is to solve issues that do not already have alternative solutions, which issues of search box not accepting a list from another source is one of.

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