SearchBox show a drop-down list immediately after focus

so i’m having a search box with dynamic choices, but in run mode nothing appear

It’s hard to say what’s wrong with that short description. Could you describe it in a bit more detail, or perhaps share the app?

i want that right after the search box is focused, the user should see a drop-down, (say the first 10 items) even before typing anything, and when the user starts typing, it filters out the list based on the letters type.

is that possible?

As far as I know, it can’t be done with the Search Box element, but you can use a Text box element, and display the search results in a repeating group that is visible when the Text Box has focus.

So yes, it’s possible just not with that element. Also, the way Bubble works right now (they have mentioned in some threads that might be updated at some point), your search will yield results only on whole words. So pette will not yeld any results, but petter will.

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