New Project Management App - Template (Trello-Like)

Hello everyone!

A while ago, I decided to create a small project management tool inspired by Trello for my students (I am a startup coach in an incubator) to show them how easy it is to create “real” tools with Bubble.

I named the app Taskible. In the end, they really liked it, and I must say that I now use it every day to manage my tasks :sweat_smile:

So, I decided to turn it into a template (my first one!).

I’m sharing the link with you so you can try out the app and let me know what you think :grin:

Here are the features it currently includes (which I’ll be improving in the future) :

  • Sign in and login system
  • Project creation system
  • Invitation system by email. It is possible to invite other users to collaborate on projects.
  • Drag and Drop system to manipulate tasks
  • Task creation and management system (tasks include a title, a description and a deadline)
  • “Tag” system to classify tasks

Here is the link to test :—project-management-1680706323092x446730156528369660

I hope you will like it!

Looks good @Maxime_Gadras! You add a Gannt chart with drag and drop functionality to it and I will bear your child (well, that is impossible but I will definitely buy your template).

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Ahah Thank Gerbert !

I will think about it :grin:

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