[New template] “My Tasks” - Task management tool

Hi all,
We’re back with some great news!
Yesterday we’ve launched our newest template - task management tool - My Tasks!

For all of you seeking to build a task/project management tool for your internal use or to build a service out of it that others to use we’ve prepared something cool :sunglasses:

My Tasks is a task management template with a lot of functionality given out of the box.
We’ve gathered lots of comments from our clients on what would they like to see in a basic setup of a task management tool and hope that this will be useful to all of you and bring you closer to creating your application faster and easier :slight_smile:

Template features include:
:white_check_mark: Create and manage workspaces - for managing various teams
:white_check_mark: Create projects and tasks with attachments
:white_check_mark: Drag and drop tasks
:white_check_mark: Manage team members
:white_check_mark: Assign tasks to teammates
:white_check_mark: Specify deadlines
:white_check_mark: See project progress
:white_check_mark: Marking overdue tasks automatically
:white_check_mark: Custom URL for each team
:white_check_mark: Calendar view
:white_check_mark: Search by task and/or project name
:white_check_mark: Filter and sort tasks
:white_check_mark: Show all/only my tasks
:white_check_mark: Show completed vs incomplete tasks
:white_check_mark: Comment on tasks
:white_check_mark: Log out from session on all devices
:white_check_mark: Delete your account

Some other perks:
:white_check_mark: Web (laptop and larger screen sizes), tablet and mobile responsive views
:white_check_mark: A clean and stunning dashboard
:white_check_mark: User-friendly design

Main user flow:
→ Sign up/login;
→ Create/choose a workspace you are a part of;
→ View your and your team’s tasks;
→ Create new tasks and projects;
→ Assign tasks (add deadlines and attachments);
→ Complete and comment tasks.

You can check it out here.

We are looking forward hearing you’re feedback. In the meantime, feel free to check out our latest projects and templates.

Best wishes,
Appassion Team


Made from bubble?

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Hi @janernestgo ,

Yes, this template was built on Bubble and features some custom coded UI elements.
All the functionality is Bubble workflow based.

Hope that answers your question. Let me know if there’s anything else I could help you with.

Best wishes,
Appassion Team