New Project Structure

I’m looking to properly structure a database(s) for a new project.

A user will have access to a meal log that tracks multiple meals per day, and then grouped per week, over several weeks.

The Weekly view would essentially be their main screen, where they can view all entries.

The daily screen is where edits would be made by entering some text, and clicking buttons to modify entries. Along with totaling up that day’s entries.

I’m looking for help in a baseline database structure, to manage all the information. I need a little direction on how to structure the database or lists of databases in the proper way.

I’m also looking to know how the new weekly/daily entries would be created.
For example, when a user logs in and it’s a new week, how would that be generated and recorded into the databases.
Or would there need to be a finite amount of weeks already implemented?

I appreciate any insight you can provide, so that I can get this structured correctly from the start.