New release bug with data base trigger or smth missed?


Suddenly I found that data base trigger doesn’t work for me… All was good before, all triggers was working well even when change was done from outside (we have some data updated through API calls and triggers was working well afted data base changes)

Now I add flow which change data in bubble itself and data base trigger doesn’t fire upon changes.

My set up as follows:

  1. two db triggers which have to be triggered upon reward changes (one changes from smaller to bigger, another revese)

  2. Log of changes - you can see that reward was changed, but trigger does not fire upon it changes

Any points? Any ideas? May be in live version it should work, but it’s working app and I’m afraid to mess smth

Any additional info I should provide?

As an update:

I found that strait database trigger works well (when updating this value in database). screen down below

Flow uptears (first one) is like this: data base trigger → action to change data → should fire next database trigger upon previous changes, but not fired

Database Trigger events can’t trigger other Trigger events directly (i.e. if a database trigger event makes changes to a thing, that change won’t trigger another Trigger event).

Trigger Event - Bubble Docs

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Oh… Thanks a lot! Actually day before it looks like was working.

May be I was missing smth. Thank you :wink: Will try to rich out other approach

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