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New Responsive Engine - icons all non-clickable?

Hi, anyone has this issue using the new responsive engine where icons no longer seems to trigger workflows? The buttons and clickable text on my app seems to still be working fine to trigger the workflows.

Thanks for posting! We’d like to look further into this behavior. Would you mind submitting a bug report to us so that we can take a look?

I have had this happen on some pages, and double clicking the icon seems to trigger the workflow. I did submit a bug report.

I noticed on mine, the height of the button was set to 0. Could that be it? If so, I’d find the button and rest the height value to what it was before.

If not the case, what I’ve been doing is setting the workflow on the group surrounding the icon, so create a group around the icon and then start the workflow from there. This helps with animations or hiding/showing among other things.

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