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New Responsive Engine - Not able to modify popups in responsive tab bug. Anyone else?

Anyone else not able to change the responsiveness for a popup in the new responsive tab? I reported a bug yesterday but haven’t had any response yet. Is it just me? Anyone else having the same issue? I can’t push to live until this is fixed. :cry:


It works for me. In the past, I did have the same issue and reported it to @nickc

A couple of tips:

  1. set elements on the page - not the pop up - to collapse when hidden
  2. Hide them
  3. see if the problem persists

Another angle is to do the same for the elements inside of the popup.

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That didn’t help unfortunately. :cry: I guess I need to wait for a response from the bug report. @bubble @nickc any idea when this will be fixed? I can’t push to live with it like this.

Will check in on the progress on this. We did fix one instance of this bug for Rico, but its possible you may have discovered another instance.

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Thanks! I am looking forward to the fix. :blush:

It´s happening to me as well.

Have you submitted a bug report yet? The more data points we have, the easier it will be to get a bug fix out. Thanks!

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Yes I did. Do you see it?

I have yours. Wondering if @ryanck has filed one as well.


I have having problems as well with popups using the new responsive engine. When I switch from UI Builder to Responsive, none of my popups are able to be viewed. Then sometimes it bugs out and starts flashing threw all 5-6 of them on my page. I’ll file a bug report.


Yeah. That’s what happens to me too. :cry:

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Same for me. I hadn’t seen this post yesterday when I also started a thread on the very same thing. I’ll go ahead and delete it.

Yeah. Still waiting on a fix.

Hey @nickc :wave: - it’s been 2 weeks. Any idea when this is going to be fixed. I still can’t push my app to live. :sob: I don’t want to bug you guys but I’m just stuck here. I have been trying to find temporary fixes for all the bugs I’m finding but I end up giving up after a couple of hours.

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