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New responsive engine, index page, row or column?

Finally have started to make the trasition from old to the new responsive engine, and it works great, although still trying to catch up here.

Are there any practicies how is to better set up a page level, for example index page, to be “row” or “column”?


Mostly I’ll have my pages as columns because I usually start with a header and then build down from there :slight_smile:

But really it depends on the page itself and whether you want it to stack horizontally or vertically in the first instance


Okay, fair response!

Furthermore, in the case of an index page and a one-page app, this means that the page has seven heavy, larger groups. Would it be better to have the page where those big groups are nested - in a row or a column?

‘Row’ - groups stack horizontally (side to side)
‘Column’ - groups stack vertically (on top of each other)

Do your wireframes up if you need help visualising and go from there :slight_smile:

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I usually do Column for the page, with the header, then a group set to Align to Parent and I pile all my pages on top of each other inside that group


Is there a software, or plug in for this? :smiley:

Exactly, Align to parent group is very much necessary here!

You could use something like Figma…but I just use pen and paper mostly :slight_smile:

PS Align to parent is something I very rarely use and I wouldn’t suggest to use it like @tylerboodman. I find this a very inefficient and annoying way to build…each to their own :slight_smile:

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True to that, but if you want to pile groups on top of each group, is this right?

My “pages” were a bunch of reusable elements. And between pages I was transitioning/fading between them and was having issues if they were stacked in a column where for a short time during the transition the page was the height of the two at once. So I found Align to Parent easier because it never stretched vertically and just layered them.

Probably lots of ways to do it but that’s how I do it


Is there any other way how one can stack elements/groups on top of each other? (New responsive engine)

Additionally, I am new with new responsive engine at this moment in the thread, I think the page hight doesn’t say, rather is dynamic as well, based upon the “not visible” elements you have. Which then brings the question up: if new engine doesn’t work as traditional engine, rather there is new prior page indexing (mention in the beta version), and it seems that it doesn’t matter if you element is placed on the “bottom” of page, or not, if it’s not visible, its container is not on the page at all, rather on a one place where other “not visible” elements are, there is a greater response between the element being visible and not?

Anyone here with this complex paragraph, thread, theory? @adamhholmes

Try without much of animations…