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Quick Question regarding design


Hi all, quick question regarding the image above. Is it against ‘best practices’ to stack elements on top of each for something like this?

I’m not referring to a fixed group but for example a Column group, with the 3 Row groups inside. And we give the third Row group (the one with the picture & text) a negative Top margin.

I know it’s better to stack elements vertically with the collapsable option. But does this only apply to speed up our progress when building in the editor? Or has it something to do with rendering speed as well for the end-user?

Thanks & looking forward to your answers!

Hi @oliviercoolen,

As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with negative margins at all, and they’re especially handy now that margins can be controlled conditionally.

It’s conceivable you might encounter some bug in the new layout engine, but in principle, there should be no issue.

Awesome that’s exactly the answer I was looking for! Thanks @sudsy :slight_smile: