How many of us are still on Old Responsive?

I have a large app that was built a couple of years ago that I haven’t upgraded to the new responsive engine yet. It just seems like it will be such a pain and break everything.

However, I’m worried lately that old responsive is no longer being supported very well. So I’m curious how many of us are still using old responsive or if most people have made the switch and I’m lagging behind?

Man, once they introduced the new responsive engine I knew I was doomed. Once I learned it tho, it really does speed things up. Have you checked out any tutorials on it? That’s what helped me the most. I was once terrified of the new engine, but it’s literally so much better. Trust.

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Once you will figure out a new engine, you will realize that it actually helps to create pages much faster than the old one.

The first experience will be a difficult one but it’s inevitable, as you mentioned old engine will be soon out of support and bug fixes

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@creatorbee Create a dummy app and play around with the new engine, and watch tutorials. Once you get familiar with it, start upgrading your old apps. You’ll find that it’s very simple to select multiple elements and group them to the respective row or column grouping, you’ll only have to do miniscule amount of work.

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Thanks, yah I’m very confident the new engine is better. It’s just been a big hurdle to go through the initial transition. But I’m afraid I’m running out of time!

@creatorbee This is the tutorial that helped me.

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Mine is old responsive too… and as it has A LOT of elements I think maybe it would be impossible to change to the new responsive and have it working without having a million bugs.

I’ve had both success and failure with some approaches, but I’ve found that converting pages really isn’t a great path. The auto-conversion breaks quickly with more complex pages. Image issues can also pop-up with the new engine.

On a positive note, the alignment elements of the engine are great!

Ton answer your question, I am still using Bubble Classic until I have time to redesign some of my more advanced pages.

I actually left bubble after having used it for years, partly due to the extremely bad implementation of responsiveness putting it years behind modern front end dev.

I logged back in to sketch out an idea about two weeks ago, and (barring any crazy pricing changes again) I’m staying this time, because of flex. It has sped up building times by at least four times.

It’s also the small things that the new engine allows you to do now that would be an absolute pain in the olden days. Creating a tag/chip system now takes 2 seconds. Pretty much any attribute can now be animated when using a conditional. Want an arrow icon move 5px to the left when hovering a “next” text… slap a on hover conditional with an animated margin on it. 2sec… done, no need for custom css.

Another huge benefit is to the end user, scaling the browser window no longer feels like the website is being rendered on a calculator… buttery smooth now.

Oh and adding this one. Page height is no longer relevant, absolutely amazing when building single page apps.

And another one… super basic. Placing a group in the middle of the page, and have it stay there! Something that took an insane amount of work arounds and broken plug ins before. Simply amazing!

I could list things for days here… so I’ll stop now. And just say… thank you Bubble devs for finally bringing the front end builder into the 21st century. :heart: