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New Responsive Engine Testers

Has anybody who tested the new responsive engine feel like they have ‘mastered’ it and have time to do some training on it?

Testing it out now and want to get a run down on how some specific things operate.

Is it released to all today?


Was it released to all? If yes, how do I access it?

Hey @doublejay @jared.gibb @boston85719 :wave:

It doesn’t look like it is released to everyone just yet. It seems really close though.

I believe it’s still in Alpha testing currently with a select few. Beta testing should be just around the corner. :blush:

Looks really good so far. I was pleasantly surprised that in my recent test I was able to convert to the new version on one of my apps without any issues. The way I built it originally still works. Phew :sweat_smile:


I think I figured out enough of it to help someone out.