New reusable element = blank

When I create a reusable element from a popup, the reusable element that I get is blank. Someone experienced this issue?

Here are the screenshots :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t quite follow what has happened, but possibly you have done it the wrong way round? You usually add the popup to your page, and then add the reusable element to the popup window that you have just created and resize it.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes that’s what I though I did… here is the link to the reusable and to the original page with the popup :thinking:

Hmm, yes something weird seems to be going on. I would be inclined to delete that page and reusable element, and start from scratch. Send a bug report.

I tried on different pages with different popup but it doesn’t work… so I sent a but report.
Thanks for your help!

This is a known bug currently.


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