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why When i create a reusable element the elements within the reusable element do not stay. The only thing that shows is the group, nothing within it.

What it should look like:

What it looks like::

Please explain because so far my experience with Bubble is the absolute worst. I’ve dealt with multiple no code platforms and Bubble definitely has the worst UI/UX


Bubbler with 3 Bubble apps under my belt. It takes a while to get used to the UI/UX of Bubble but by far it’s the most flexible among it’s peers.

It will look like that in the editor. Have u tested if the reusable is working as intended in Preview?

it does not, it is completely blank

Can you share a screenshot of the element in Preview?

its literally blank just shows the border/shadow

Have u checked ur "Show on page load settings for the popup’s child element?

both say “show on page load”"

Hard to pinpoint the issue but it does look like a visibility issue.

Some things to check:
. Is there another element in front that is blocking it?

. Check the boxes for both Fit height/width to content

. Is there a workflow or conditional that is triggering it to disable visibility?

haven’t added any workflows, still designing it.

Everything is good with width/height

no additional groups/elements covering it

Do you have any similar issues with other reusable elements?

no but if i copy and paste the element instead of converting it into a “reusable element” it shows in the editor

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