New Rideshare App Complete ( Ready To Make You Money Now)

Veer The Best Rideshare App on

Is there a driver side? How do you handle passing the drivers location to the riders map? Do you have background location

im not sure what you mean about background location…its a based app not sure how that works with webapps.

but you have to test the app to see its full features
Here: VEER

(driver info)

(rider info)

small basic admin backend to approve and ban drivers.

the business model is a bit different than uber and lyft…drivers pay a monthly subscription, and they are able to keep 100% commission.

drivers can also set their own rates and the company can set a base rate for riders. Overall it the best rideshare app that is ready to go ad make you money…if you what addons we can help but it would cost extra. but for $200 u cant beat it anywhere. Webapp like this would cost $3,000 as a base price