[New Security Plugin 🛡 ] nocode:nohack - Hack your own Bubble app (and fix it!) + Free Security ebook

when will the video course be availble?

Hi @buero , the course is still in production, I will update here as soon it’s available :slight_smile:

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Hi, guys, I have started scanning my app. It has been running for approx 10 hours and it hasn’t finished :(. To whom could I talk? The live chat on your website is redirecting me here. Many thanks,

Hi @ancas4352 , you scan is still in production, I will update you by email as soon its finished :slight_smile: . Strange that the livechat redirected here, we are on it all time, I will check that !

Any idea how long this is going to take? Today it has been running for 2 hours, but last night for 10 hours… Many thanks.

I just sent you an email with an update :slight_smile:

Hello, yesterday I installed the plugin, but I was thinking about the analysis screen. I got an email that the team will see it. And here I am, waiting

Hello, as I wrote to you in the email, we have some issues this week, sorry for that, it’s will be back on Monday :slight_smile:


I have started my scan a couple of days ago. It is hanging since.
" Testing this app. This process might take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email as soon it’s finished."
I could not find any other support contact than this thread. Could you help us?

In addition, I have noticed that nocode nohack is not able to scan password protected apps. This is a challenge for us, because we want to test the app pre-launch and do not want to make it publicly accessible before we finished our security audit. Will you support password-protected apps in the future?

Hi @carsten.schaedlich! Thank you for your message, you can reach us by using our chat module in the app, but I will send you and email right now to find a way to scan your password protected app :slight_smile: