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Vulnerability scanner

Hi all,
Anyone have a tip on a vulnerability scanning solution for Bubble?

Yeap - these guys - I don’t have anything to do with them just like their product.


Thanks @lindsay_knowcode

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Thanks for sharing our work :slight_smile: , @klobassimon do not hesitate if you have some questions.

@b.demontecler have installed and run a scan, would be great to connect to discuss the premium plan my email is [email protected]

Data security should be priority number one before going live. We see so many apps, extensions that are heavily promoted on this forum and beyond, have a pretty substantial user base and all their user data is up for grabs :scream: .

As this is so important, we built a tool a few years ago (and updated recently) that checks how safe your app is completely for free. Simply enter the app ID of you app and get your app audited in one click:

Read more here: [Micro App] Audit your Bubble App and Keep it Safe!