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New Stripe Checkout

Hey @Bubble,

Was wondering if an update for the default Bubble Stripe Plugin was being worked on to support the new features Stripe just rolled out with their Checkout that includes promo codes which is something I’m looking forward to using :slight_smile:

Stripe’s Announcement:

Stripe Checkout Page:


Anything on this? @eve @emmanuel @josh?

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Good question :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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Hey there!

We would love to know as well, just wanted to give this topic a bump. This would be awesome!



Update: I reached out to @eve and she said she put it on the development roadmap… but most likely not coming this year in time for the holiday season.

@eve could we get another update? :blush:

I have a custom plug-in I can add you too for this if you’d like.


Yes @chris.williamson1996, if possible that would be great!

Yeah i’m also looking for it

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any chance to be added to this as well?

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Bumping this, the old check out is very old now. Would you be able to provide any update on this @eve @allenyang


Hey all,

This is a very cool new offering from Stripe, but is pretty different from the current Bubble-made plugin. We’ll certainly consider it but this is not at all scheduled on our roadmap currently.


Hey @allenyang!

It’s nice to hear about this from a Bubble Team member! Would it be possible to apply it to the “Charge the User” action?

I talked to Eve about this a while ago and she said she “logged” it, not exactly sure what that means, but that was last year.

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Hi @allenyang @eve

The issue here is that the native stripe check out UI has been updated well over half a year ago and the current one, used by the official bubble plug in, is now really outdated. And it’s also a more or less “broken” UI for mobile browsers.

Since the stripe integration is touted as one of the main features of Bubble, I would have hoped that this would be updated to reflect the latest UI changes from Stripe? Does that require major changes to the bubble-stripe plug in?


Btw, I’m not sure if all the features of the new checkout are supported but you can at least get the updated UI. Just go to the plugin ‘settings’ and change Stripe Checkout version to v3…

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Yup! I’m looking for the coupons/promo codes feature in the new Stripe checkout, but the Bubble Plugin is lacking that.

That’s a fantastic find tfox! thank you for that.

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Hey all,

I created a suggestion on the ideaboard, if you’re all interested in having an updated version could y’all upvote it on the Bubble Ideaboard to get their attention?

Just simply under the Submit an Idea tab, and under the Summary input search Update Stripe Plugin.

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@allenyang Are there any updates on this initiative? Stripe’s putting out new features and it would be super useful!

Hey all,

Update: You’re able to use the built-in Stripe Promo Codes on v3 checkout now!!

To enable it, just go into your “Charge User” action and there is a checkbox option.

Thanks to @allenyang or whoever got this implemented!!