🎉 New Template - Add a Native Bubble Forum to Your App

Hey everyone!

I just published a new, very simple, template. I created it as simple as possible to allow you to copy and paste it into your app with the least amount of errors. I created a video to show you how to go through them very quickly. Then you get to have your very own customizable forum into your existing app. No need to pay for an extra bubble app and refer to it as forum.yourdomain.com. Just add it to PayRam: Accept Crypto payments on your server. A self hosted crypto payment service. instead.

Here it is: Add a Custom Forum to Your App

“A simple but very familiar forum. A simple version of Discourse that you can add to your existing app. Here is a video to walk you through adding it to your existing app. At the moment Bubble gives you errors (I have sent a bug report to them already), but in the mean time, I want to get you going on it. Hope that helps!”

16 Minute Video Tutorial: NoCodeMinute Videos