[New Template] πŸ₯‘ Create Fancy AI QR Codes With Template & Integrate It Effortlessly Into Your App

Hey folks!

As Aicado Team, we published a new QR Code integration template for you :hugs:

With using this template, you can quickly integrate AI to your Bubble app and create fancy QR codes on your apps. Template is completely free and we offer you free 500 Credits for testing (which means almost 50 free creation for QR Code) with only registration.

You can either start building your product with the template right away or just test it without downloading it. Visit Demo, enter your Aicado access token, try it.

With using AI Art QR Code you can create a beautiful view, an anime girl or whatever you want!

As Aicado, we also offer tons of other AI services (Image based, Video based, Text based etc.) too. You can check our latest post from here about other AI services.

For getting started with our QR Code Template, please have a look at the template page. If there are any questions about our service, pricing, documentation, or anything else, We’re here to help. Your insights and feedback are incredibly important to us – they help us grow and improve, so please don’t hold back in sharing them!