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Quickly unlock AI potential in your Bubble app.

Aicado.ai is a platform that provides open-source machine learning AI models for everyone to use. You can use these models directly from the platform. Also, you can integrate them into your own apps with our well-documented Bubble plugin.

Here’s a sneak peek at our highlighted models:

  • Change A Face In a Video: Seamlessly swap faces in any video.

Click here to preview

  • AI Image Background Changer: Change image background easily.

Click here to preview

  • HotShot Video Xl: Instantly create videos from simple text prompts.

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We keep adding new AI models to the aicado.ai platform. To make it easy for you to use them in your Bubble app, we also regularly update our plugin. Below is a list of other models available for now:

See and try the models on the aicado.ai platform.

Aicado AI x Bubble Integration

Use Aicado AI in your Bubble apps. Our plugins, templates, and documentation designed for Bubble developers will help you get started quickly.

  • Bubble Plugin: Jumpstart AI features in your app with our free, well-documented plugin.
    Visit our plugin.

  • Templates: Eager to launch a SaaS? Install our templates, Enter your credentials keys, and you’re set to launch in no time. Visit our templates.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Our Notion-powered docs offer you a smooth setup experience, ensuring you get up and running without a hitch. See our documentation.

Get started with 500 FREE credits!

We know how important it is for you to experience the full potential of our offerings, which is why we’re pleased to offer you 500 free credits to start your journey.

Credits are used to run predictions of the models in Aicado AI.

Dive into the world of no-code AI today and unlock your app’s potential at aicado.ai.

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aicado.ai has been made with pure Bubble.io :blue_heart:



Hi folks,

We have launched the new version of Aicado AI!

1- In this version, we have added Meta’s newly announced Codellama2 70B instruct LLM model. You can integrate this model directly into your applications. It is noted to deliver better results than GPT-4, especially in coding tasks. Aicado now enables the use of 11 different LLM models with the Codellama 2 70B instruct hf, allowing you to compare and choose the one that best suits your needs.

2- Our Speech To Text feature has been improved. Whether it’s a file you upload or a YouTube link, you can now get the translation of your video or audio files in .srt or .vtt format, enabling you to quickly add subtitles in many languages to your videos.

3- The ALT Text Generator has been improved. The criteria for creating ALT text have been revised to help you achieve more effective results.

We look forward to all your feedback and questions.


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Hey @eren congrats on the new version of Aicado AI! Can I ask who did your videos?


Our teammates did it. You can ask @batuhanmerguz via DM.

Hello Bubblers,

Aicado has introduced new features!

1 - Text to Speech
With support for over 40 languages, you can now convert your texts into speech. You can test it here.

We created a template for quick integration. However, right now the template is pending approval, and I’ll share it here once it’s approved.

2 - Stable Diffusion with LoRA’s and Custom Model Checkpoints
One of the most exciting features. You can now generate images of the quality you desire every time. You can run Stable Diffusion with custom models and, if you wish, add LoRA. All you need is to enter your HuggingFace ID or Civitai URL. For testing please click here.

3 - New LLM Added
We’ve added the Pygmalion-13b-4bit-128g LLM. Please note that this model is not suitable for minors as it can produce uncensored content, including X-rated material.

Moreover, we’ve made experimenting with LLMs easier, which you can test here.

Additionally, we’ve optimized our models, resulting in significant savings on credit usage. I’ll share a detailed post about this tomorrow.



Aicado templates

Your questions and feedback are highly valuable.


Hey folks,

We released a new version of aicado.ai plugin. That introduces three innovative features designed to enhance the functionality and user experience for its users. These additions are aimed at improving content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

  1. Image Resizer: This tool provides a dynamic solution for adjusting images to fit predefined or custom dimensions, ensuring that visuals are optimized for various social media platforms and web requirements. Users can choose from a range of preset sizes tailored for different platforms.

Original Image: 690x268px

Instagram Square Output 1080x1080px

  1. Dressroom: This tool is a game-changer for e-commerce websites, offering a virtual try-on experience that initially supports the upper body, with plans to extend to full-body integration soon. Users can superimpose selected clothing items onto a mannequin image, facilitating a more interactive and engaging shopping experience.

  1. Meta Title and Meta Description Generator (with Crawling): Leveraging advanced crawling capabilities, this tool analyzes a website’s content to generate optimal meta titles and descriptions, enhancing SEO and web visibility. The crawler is proficient in navigating through JavaScript-heavy sites like Bubble apps, ensuring that the generated metadata accurately reflects the site’s content and theme.




Aicado templates

All questions and feedback are welcome.

Sorry for the rollback!

We are very sorry to roll back these 3 calls. There are huge changes in the Aicado platform. However, we thought that releasing these 3 calls would not impact the platform, but due to the feedback we received, we had to roll back to the previous version. Thank you for your understanding.

P.S. : Calls are available in our plugin, but you will not be able to access the endpoints…

Hello folks,

Aicado AI Plugin Updated🥳 Here are the new models!

Background Remover

Easily delete the background from your images, leaving them with a transparent background, ready to use in any context.

For tests

Face Retoucher

This tool uses advanced technology to identify and fix skin flaws like acne, blemishes, and other imperfections, giving you a more polished and natural-looking portrait.

For tests

Face To Sticker

Turn your photos into custom stickers with this AI-powered tool. Just upload a picture, and it’ll automatically identify key features to create a unique sticker that looks like you. Great for adding a personal touch to your messages and social media posts.

For tests

Sad Talker

Bring your photos to life by turning them into talking videos. Just upload a picture and an audio file, and this AI tool will animate the image to sync with the voice, creating a surprisingly realistic talking video

For Tests

New LLM models

Meta Llama 3 - 70B Instruct
Meta Llama 3 - 8B Instruct
Mistral AI - Mixtral 8x22B Instruct v0.1
Microsoft - WizardLM 2 8x22B
Microsoft - WizardLM 2 7B
Google - Gemma 1.1 7B IT
Chat GPT 4o

For Tests

Also, we had previously published these two models and then had to withdraw them. They are now added as stable. You can read it here. The “image resizer” in the same post has been temporarily removed due to instability.
1- Dressroom is released.
2- Meta Title and Description Generator is released.

Happy to hear your feedback!