[New Template] 🥑 Talk with Your Image - Endless Possibilities To Enhance Your App Experience

Hello Bubble Folks!

Exciting news from the Aicado Team - we’ve just launched a new template: Talk With Your Image! :tada:

In the ever-evolving world of AI and no-code development, we’re pushing the boundaries once again. This new template allows you to use your static or dynamic images with conversational capabilities, making your apps more interactive and engaging.

Imagine having user profile pictures that can provide greetings, product images that can describe themselves, or educational content that can speak to the user. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll leverage this in your projects.

Here’s what you can expect with “Talk With Your Images”:

:small_blue_diamond: Seamless Integration: Just like our other tools, it integrates smoothly into your Bubble app with no hassle.

:small_blue_diamond: Easy Customization: Tailor the experience to fit your app’s design and user expectations.

:small_blue_diamond: Enhanced with GPT 4 Capabilities, however it’s more cheaper than GPT-4

:small_blue_diamond: Engaging Interactions: Create a unique and memorable user experience that stands out from the crowd.

Template is completely free and we offer you free 500 Credits for testing (which means almost 130 Free Images to test) with only registration.

You can either start building your product with the template right away or just test it without downloading it. Visit Demo, enter your Aicado access token, try it.

To get started, simply visit the template page: Talk With Your Images. We’re providing detailed documentation and support to help you integrate this innovative feature into your Bubble app.

And as always, we’re eager to hear your feedback. What do you think about bringing images to life in your app? How will you use this new capability? Share your thoughts and let’s discuss the creative ways we can use AI in Bubble.

Cheers to innovation and creativity in our no-code journey!


Batuhan from Aicado

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