[New template] "Hear me" - FREE blog template (Lite version)

[New template] Blog template - “Hear me” (Lite version)

Hi Bubblers!

We are happy to announce our new blog template - Hear me.

This template can be a great starting point for your startup on article topic and any content based app with options to write articles, leave comments, find and follow most interesting writers.

We have carefully worked out the design and think it’s something you might like right out of the box. We kept the design optimal for anyone to come and easily edit it with content or color theme.

Some of the perks of the template:

  • Web and mobile responsive;
  • Dashboard for creators, including analytics;
  • Create articles using rich text editor;
  • Great and easy to modify design;
  • Filter by tags/categories - create and edit them at any time;
  • Search articles by keyword within a chosen topic or category;
  • Follow your favorite writers;
  • Comment on articles;
  • See number of viewers;
  • Likes functionality on articles;

View the template

This is only a lite version of our Blog template. A new and more sophisticated version of Community/blog template is to come in the next 2 months featuring lots of new features.

And as always, happy to hear your comments and feedback!

Best wishes,
Appassion Team


Great-looking template here, thank you for sharing!

What kind of features are you looking to include with the more sophisticated version?

Hi @jason1
Some of the features we are considering for implementation are

  • adding more social aspect to the app - connect with other artists, readers, build community;
  • chat feature;
  • payment system and packages;
  • admin page and functionality;
  • more thorough notification system;
  • social network logins;
    and few more other ones that are still up in the air.

These are the features that we think may be a good addition to this template.
What will go in to the final version is being reviewed to provide best value for the price of the upcoming template.

Hope that was helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to address at any time.

Best wishes,
Appassion Team


hello there,

how to remove

at each new preview / render ? thx, good template

Hi @mamuzaIT ,
sorry for a late reply. Just noticed your message.
On each template description page on Bubble we have explanation for that

*Responsive design - To provide a better mobile experience we’ve separated mob and web version on separate pages.

*Removing the banner

  1. Open the app in Bubble editor
  2. Go to settings → SEO/Metatags
  3. Remove the content of “Script in the body”

Let us know if that helps.

Appassion team