📈 [NEW TEMPLATE] Sline: Premium Admin & Dashboard

Admin & Dashboard template to create a backend for any app.

Sline is a premium Bubble admin template with professional and clean design concept. It’s a fully responsive mobile-ready admin dashboard template built with Bubble.

:arrow_right: Use it to build any type of admin app for your business:

  • Admin dashboard / application backend
  • Project management tool
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Business website,
  • Marketplace
  • E-commerce
  • Blog

:arrow_right: A large number of mini apps, page templates, and UI elements are included to make your work easier:

  • Dashboard
  • Chat
  • Email inbox
  • E-commerce catalog
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Stats
  • Blog
  • Projects
  • Invoices
  • Notifications
  • …and more

Sline is very lightweight and easy customizable which is basically designed for the developers who want to customize it with just a finger snap.

We encourage you to have a good look at live preview and discover all the included features!

Please let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Public Page:

Online Demo:

Documentation & Screenshots:
Sline: Premium Admin & Dashboard 📈 - DigitalEye Plugins


Great work! Took a quick run through the dashboard and I’m very impressed :+1:

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Thank you for your feedback @wesfrank we are constantly improving this template :pray:

:rocket: Template updated !

Great news! :partying_face: We continue improving our Sline Admin Template.
Today we brought a list of cleanups and improvements. We have added a few more new elements, such as popups:

Don’t hesitate to take a look: Demo and Template page

UPD: Updated documentation

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Hi, if I purchase this template, do I get also all the data and the workflows inside the app to do reverse engineering ?

Kind regards

Hi @nguyenphamkhoinguyen

Sure, you’ll get the Database and Workflows as well.

Some of the workflows are pretty important to show the popups and navigate between pages for example

Hi @BubbleSam, great work!

What’s in included in the template? Just UI or the app features? Should I create all the logic for chat, projects and invoices?


Hi @CheckStore,

Thank you for your interest in our template!
You should consider this admin template more or less like a collection of commonly-used UI components, UI guidelines and page layouts.

Template comes with Workflows and Database types.

Some workflows can be reused without any modification. For example, navigation between pages, sidebar, header actions, switching between tabs etc.

Of course you will need to write your own logic to populate the invoice page with the data from your database for example, choose the data source for the chats etc.

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This looks more and more awesome.
Can I say that it will get updates to the table features and UI styles when your Excel-tables plugin gets updates?

You are talking about this plugin, right?

Please note that this admin template doesn’t use our tables plugin :slight_smile:

Oh I see… i would suggest making a table style compatible with your admin template. Would be cool if they are well integrated together to give a seamless UI experience


I’ve just bought the template but don’t understand how to make the menu inside project table work. I cannot set action referencing the current proyect from the reusable element.
coud you tell me how to do this?

Hi @fabien.nodet Could you please give me more details about what you are trying to achieve ? maybe a few screenshots ?

hi @BubbleSam how do you make the tables in the template? any plugin?
does the tables support images? i can see that the “project” table has images but not the “orders” table.

Hi @jdiazarmas ,
Thank you for your interest in our Admin template!

This Projects (and Orders) table is basically a RepeatingGroup. It’s responsible and can contain images as on the screenshot above.

If you are looking for a table plugin, check this out:

Both plugins suit for many use cases, both responsible etc.
The first one is a read-only table, the second one allows to edit cells values (like a Google / Excel spreadsheet).

thank you @BubbleSam couple of questions:

about editable table pro/excel like

  1. edition can be restricted per roles? meaning that some users can edit the table and others just read it?
  2. are the cells clickable, saying if i click a cell can i have a popup or at least go to a “details” tab.
  3. Can it contain images?
  4. i am planning an app that would need a table with at least 15 columns which will make the responsiveness tricky. Does editable table pro suits this need?

if this plug in can´t support such features, would you be so kind to recommend another plugin that would work well with sline template?


Hi @jdiazarmas ,

  1. By default there are no roles but it should be possible to add this feature (by enabling / disabling the edit mode for some users).

  2. The plugin has different states: edited_row_index, edited_col_index, row_inserted_after_ind, col_inserted_after_ind etc (Documentation) but it doesn’t have a click event. This plugin hoverer has the click event: Advanced Dynamic Table Grid / Excel Plugin | Bubble

  3. Yes (Demo)

  4. Yes, Your table will be scrollable (check out the demo).

@BubbleSam great news.

This plugin advanced dynamic table support click event but i see it does not stores images (please correct me if i am wrong)
The other plugin Editable Tables / Spreadsheet / Excel-like support images but do not support click event

Is there any table plugin that support images and also the click event (that is also responsive)? I would buy it in a heart beat.

I am buying the template anyway.

If you don’t have too much columns, I think you could try to use a RepeatingGroup like in our template. Unfortunately, I don’t know another plugin that supports all the features…

Great news! We’ve just updated the UI table components and panels!

Check out our updated demo :